GIVE Yourself Purpose

Dear Beautiful Being


What is your purpose Beautiful Being?

That question can either let you rise up with an open heart, open arms and willingness to discover it ; OR it can take you down a spiral downward twist of waiting for the ‘perfect’ thing, for someone to hand it to you.

Beautiful Being — you GIVE yourself purpose by deciding — deciding how you want to contribute to Life. Yours and Others. And the Life you WANT to live.

Let go that your worthiness and being happy MUST and can ONLY come from making others happy and from ONLY serving them.

Find the courage to serve yourself. And serve yourself first.

Because when YOU are FILLED with the goodness of joy, abundance, worthiness and love — YOU are able to GIVE it to others from a real place, not even because you are trying to give it away but just because of YOUR PRESENCE.

Your presence is ENOUGH.
YOU are enough.

Beautiful Being trade in thinking your way through purpose for LIVING ON PURPOSE.

Decide you are worthy.

Decide you are enough.

Decide to love every part of you — all of it — own it.

Decide to define what self love looks and feels like to you — and then go do it.

Decide what self respect looks and feels like to you — and then go and do it.

Decide what a successful life looks like to you — and go create it.

Create you.

Define your purpose and then LIVE on PURPOSE.

Beautiful Being, time is ticking on … its time … time to bring your best self to LIFE. Allow yourself to FEEL GOOD to be YOU and about YOU. And then bring that goodness to others.


Inspire yourself Beautiful Being.

So Beautiful Being — what purpose do you give yourself?

Thank you for being beautifully you

Much love and light

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