Practice what YOU Preach

Dear Beautiful Being,

Do YOU practice what you PREACH?

Words can be thrown around, fancy words learnt through books, lessons learned through experience — and we offer it to the world , to those who want to listen and will listen.

But when it is just YOU with YOURSELF Beautiful Being — do you practice what you preach? When it is just YOU being your own encourager, giving YOURSELF direction, taking charge of Life, when things fall apart, when things rise up, when things stagnate - how you show up for yourself in the world and how you adventure on into experiences — do you practice what you preach?

The vibes of energy and positivity that you emit or the care you have for others — do YOU show it to YOURSELF in the same loving generous way?

You attract what YOU radiate — all those qualities that are within you is what shows up in your outside world.

The parts of yourself that you offer to others means nothing if you cannot offer it to yourself Beautiful Being — to live it fully, deeply as yourself — because living by example is the way you make your offering.

Words are empty without living the truth of it.

It is not enough to offer words — but to offer an example by BEING the words you offer. Living it through and through — no matter what Life throws at you.

Live the Truth that you offer. If you don’t know what YOUR TRUTH is — FIND OUT.

Be the truth that you are.

Be who you create yourself to be, own it, love it, preach it.

There is no greater knowing that you get to create you!


Beautiful Being — can I get an ‘amen’

In any moment YOU decide who YOU can be and how YOU can show it — be YOU… be your YOUR words … speak so as to not impress others just to be yourself.

There is depth in vulnerability, there is depth in being yourself — there is true depth in living what you preach.

Each moment is sacred — you will never get it back.

Thank you for being beautifully you.

Much love and light