Soul Mission

Dear Beautiful Being,

What is your Soul’s Mission and how are you expanding yourself to find out and to live it?

Sometimes, you only focus on what NEEDS to be done — earning a living, paying bills, the roles in Life you have been born into or created… But beyond that there is a Mission your Soul is here for…you know it because you feel it deep within you.

It may not always be easy to find the answer… but never lose sight of the question — uncover it and often. Spend time in stillness asking yourself and going within. In is the only way out. Never lose sight of you… and always find the time to connect to it — because that is part of what gives you meaning, the part of your heart’s expression that is yearning to be expressed.

Not everyone will understand you are on a mission — but for those few who do, hold on to them. Those Beautiful Beings are reminders to NEVER let you forget that part of YOURSELF— to remind you to keep growing, evolving and to tap into that power base that is YOU. Those individuals are like guardian angels — reminding you that you are here for something greater when at times that you may forget.

Nothing is by chance. That includes you, Beautiful Being and your Soul’s mission. It is part of YOUR Truth.

There are so many other Beautiful Beings who are dreaming about receiving YOUR offering … and your offering is powerful because it comes from the only thing that is real — Love.

Don’t get lulled by fear, comfort, or who you think you should or need to be for others.

You have wings — you always have…time to remove the illusion of them being clipped…spread them and fly…YOU are meant for greatness… YOU always have been

Thank you for being beautifully you

Much love and light

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