Stillness Speaks

Dear Beautiful Being,

When you don’t know what to do — get STILL until you do know what to do.

In stillness — SILENCE speaks.

That silence is you — YOUR truth. YOUR Soul.

Other’s words or advice will never have to bear the consequence of the choice of following another’s word.

Get still to hear your own voice — and know you will always know better for you. Because it is ONLY you who knows at a deep level what it is you truly want, how you want to feel and the vision you have for the Life you are leading.

Nobody can be a better YOU than YOU.

Trust yourself. Trust your intuition.

Flex that muscle and be a pro at it.

Your stillness is your greatest internal navigation system.

The strength in stillness brings the fullness of your presence to your NOW. And YOU are at your most POWERFUL when you are in the fullness of your presence — because you are offering Life the wholeness of your awareness.

Where there is awareness there is knowing who you are deeply — and the answers always come.

Just ask. Trust. Listen.

Thank you for being beautifully you.

Much love and light

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