Tension is a Teacher

Dear Beautiful Being,

Frustration…boredom…stagnation… all of these painful feelings can be rather beautiful.

Maybe not in the moment of experiencing them and going through the roller coaster of emotions. But, in the stillness of them — where there is a silent moment you can feel its tension. And the tension can be beautiful because it is an indicator that something within you WANTS to be expressed, to change, to come out.

Beautiful Being, tension is never a bad thing because with tension comes turning points. Turn right or left and take the exits beyond the point of tension toward alternative solutions; or make a U-turn back to the source of the tension and then decide the course of action.

Complaining about the tension doesn’t alleviate it Beautiful Being, it just aggravates it…because no matter who you share it with — they can never truly help you, until YOU are willing to help yourself.

And the best part is YOU can always help yourself — just look how far you have come.

So next time tension comes to hug you — hug it right back, and welcome it like a guest into your home. Invite it to stay and ask it ‘What are you here to teach me?’

When you ask that Beautiful Being, you best believe you WILL get an answer.

Thank you for being beautifully you.

Much love and light

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