The Love you crave

Dear Beautiful Being,

The Love that you crave from another is that which you crave from yourself.
YOU have the POWER to give yourself ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you want — because YOU have WITHIN you EVERYTHING you need to do what needs to be done.

You cannot give to another that which you do not have for yourself.

In order to TRULY Love another deeply on any level of connection — you have to Love yourself as a whole complete being with all that you are — as you are.

You are always meeting yourself in every moment.

You are ONLY ever experiencing yourself.

Let go of looking to the outside to fill a void but give to yourself the gift of what you crave from others.

Because it is right HERE within your reach

Right in THIS moment

Deep within you
It has always been there
You just need to believe.
You just need to trust
And you need to remember YOU.

Waiting on someone to remember you is a guaranteed way to lose your way and lose mattering to yourself.

Love is ever present.

And if you wish to stare deeply into the eyes of another to see and feel Love…look into the mirror Beautiful Being… for there…THERE is the greatest depth of Love you will know and can rest assured is always there, sacred, special and real.

Choose to be kind to you.

Choose to expand the love you give and include yourself in it.

You are a gift.

You are a joy.

YOU are the Love you seek — it is waiting, it is ready…just nourish it every day as you step out into the world knowing you got this…you got you…the divine eternal energy present always has you…

Smile. Shine. Love.

You are here in this moment. You are already wealthier in ways you never imagined…

Thank you for being beautifully you

Much love and light

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