What are you resisting?

Dear Beautiful Being,

What are you RESISTING at the moment?

Sometimes the things YOU are resisting, the things you feel are causing you pain — is actually the thing that could free you if YOU are willing to look at it differently. It could be the thing that could teach you the most about YOURSELF.

How often is it that you can look at something and realise actually it is only YOU who is getting in your OWN way and for no real reason actually? It is you causing the resistance to your own self.

What would happen if you dropped the resistance and went with the flow Beautiful Being? What could happen? What could you experience? What could you discover?

Sometimes it is tempting to get caught up in how you THINK something should look like to you, how it should be in your mind’s eye of what it would exactly turn out like. But there is a possibility it could turn out even better if you dropped the resistance.

If we lived only in one place — the place of resistance — how would you know what is POSSIBLE without fully engaging in it?

There is no Life, no growth without risk — without letting go of the resistance.

Beautiful Being may you find peace as you seek out the places YOU resist and discover new ways about YOU.

Thank you for being beautifully you.

Much love and light

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