What kind of expressionist are you?

Dear Beautiful Being,


We are always expressing ourselves — in words, through our voice, body language, in our energy, in how we show up in each moment.

Our expressions are a CHOICE— will it be constructive or destructive?

Constructive expressions — comes from a place of Love, the willingness and ability to see the other as yourself, the intention to express without hurting someone or yourself, the ability to respond from the most aware conscious centred part of yourself…your fullest breath lives here.. your truest self… constructive expressions are the home to authentic power — they live in there here and and now and are alive in TRUTH.

Destructive expressions — a place of pure reaction, a place of lack, the intention to hurt, the intention to stay in a downward spiral, the intention is to separate and divide, to keep yourself in an illusion of protection — there is no room for change here… just a need to hold onto destruction…FEAR lives here.

The differences between your expression being constructive or destructive — is ONE still moment of conscious CHOICE…

The choice you take has an equal and opposite reaction.

Expressions are a beautiful part of being human… but only one kind is empowering, only one kind is Love, only one kind is faith, only one kind is Grace… the constructive kind…

Which will you choose today Beautiful Being?

Thank you for being beautifully you

Much love and light

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