What’s your Forgiveness practice?

Dear Beautiful Being,

What is YOUR relationship like with Forgiveness?

Forgiveness is NOT about the Being that you are forgiving.

Forgiveness is ONLY ever about YOU— the Being — doing the forgiving..because it is only YOU who lives with the feeling, YOU who lives with harbouring the energies of replaying it in your mind, YOU who gets to decide if you hold on to it or not…

Forgiveness is NOT condoning what the other Being has done.

Forgiveness — is about setting yourself FREE.

Free in the energy and time space

Free in the mind space

Free in the heart space

Forgiveness is RELEASING the HOPE of a DIFFERENT outcome.

You don’t need to like the person you are forgiving, you don’t need to spend time with the person you are forgiving, you don’t need to justify their behaviours…

But you do need to take care of yourself — your own peace of mind.

Just as there is a practice to look for those parts of your day and your Life for which you are grateful for and that you appreciate on a daily basis…so there is the practice of Forgiveness on a daily basis.


Everyday take some quiet time to close your eyes get still and scan yourself — your mind, your body and your spirit — for where YOU are holding onto something that is causing you pain. The kind of pain to consumes you a in a depleting way. You definitely know the kind.

It can range from something that feels Life altering to something like someone cutting you off in traffic.

Be willing to see the situation, be willing to feel the situation, be willing to ACCEPT the situation that this is what has happened. ACCEPTANCE is not the same as agreeing with it. It is the KNOWING it has be done. Be willing to allow yourself to say out loud “I Forgive you… “ Be willing to ALSO Forgive YOURSELF as part of your daily practice.

See yourself as having let it go. FEEL yourself feel lighter.

You cannot change the outcome that has come to pass but YOU can change what you ALLOW to consume you…

Value your inner well-being and state enough to Forgive by resetting every day — not to Forget but to be Free yourself. To create space for your inner peace.

Who will you Forgive today Beautiful Being?

Thank you for being beautifully you.

Much love and light.

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