Where are you fronting?

Dear Beautiful Being,

Where are YOU fronting?

There is a constant projection of carefully curated ‘perfect’ picturesque everyday Life. That is what is encouraged to share socially— the ability to show ‘hey look how much fun I am having’…’hey look how beautiful my Life is’.

A world where it is constant in our faces how we could be ‘better’, or ‘improved’…how one is never enoughnever quite thin enough, smart enough, attractive enough, young enough, loveable enough, organised enough, qualified enough…just never enoughalmost but never quiet enough.

Behind EVERY picture there is a STORY — not the story in the frame you see…but the story behind the smile in the CAREFULLY posed and curated photo… BEHIND the project perfect is a realness, a story, a rawness — where there is good days, hard days, blessed days, insecurities, strengths, weaknesses, dreams, pains, love, truths… behind the projection see the TRUTH.

THAT person is just like YOU.
NOT because of the frame — but because they are human.
THEY TOO feel pain, happiness, love , heartache… they don’t escape any of that…

If your Life isn’t a picture perfect everyday Life — KNOW theirs isn’t too…no matter how well filtered it is…

So instead of filtering projections of picturesque moments — what would happen if we showed the challenging days more often…where we showed the human side…would that kind of compassion bring more Love and Unity to this Life… to stop seeing each other as competition…but rather as a fellow human being part of the same community in bringing more Truth, Love and Unity to this experience of Life?

We relate to each other through open real conversations — the TRUTH… it is never with fronting… the time always comes to take the armour off and see things as it really is…not as it is projected to be…

Don’t mistake the projected armour for the Truth…

Thank you for being beautifully you

Much love and light

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