Where do YOU hide?

Dear Beautiful Being

Where do YOU hide — not just from the world, but from YOURSELF?

Perhaps with words like ‘I’m fine’ …or reaching out to fill the spaces of conversations with talking about everyone else’s news so as to not talk about how YOU are really feeling — low, unsure, unsettled. A smile on your face when deep down you are fighting back the real feelings that just make you want to cry or yell out.

When you silence yourself from yourself — who will speak for you?

Who will be your voice?

Beautiful Being, shunning yourself away from how you are really feeling creates such distance between you and your Truth. And all you do is lie to yourself — when you do that, who do you really become?

And why would you want to be anything less than yourself — even if it means facing things about yourself you may not want to — the hurt, pain and the dark not so ‘pretty’ parts within.

Beautiful Being, you cannot move through it if you don’t accept it — accept yourself. COMPLETELY. That ALL of it is part of YOUR beauty. Scars and all.

Through acceptance comes the peace of Truth — seeing it, knowing it, alchemise it and the moving with it.

You are loved for all parts of you — and that means being you always.

Beautiful Being if you are hiding — may you come out of it and be your Truth for yourself, and may that lead you to the greater depths of your personal empowerment.

Know you always have had the power — and you still do.

In YOUR Truth — there is always power. YOUR power.

Be yourself. Accept yourself.

Thank you for being beautifully you.

Much love and light

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