Who do you want to become?

Dear Beautiful Being,

Who do you want to become?

We are trained to focus on what to do and almost to focus on what everyone is doing. But what one does is temporary, because EVERY human experience is temporary…because nothing here on Earth lasts forever.

Where ever you go — whatever you do, you always taking yourself with you into each moment.

You get to decide who you want to become. The qualities you wish to have cultivate and embody.

It is in deciding who you want to become that fuels the doing, it allows that what you do — it will be met by deliberate cultivated qualities that shape and define you as a person. The elements you want to be known for not just to others — but most of all to YOURSELF.

Our choices and awareness CREATES who we become — will you leave it up to the outside world to determine who you will become or will you lead it from your inner world?

So who do you want to become? How will you walk in the direction of that vision?

Thank you for being beautifully you

Much love and light

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