Will it or Won’t it

Dear Beautiful Being,

Either it will work out or it won’t — it is just as SIMPLE as that.

All the scenarios you run through your mind, all the fears you live through in your mind feeding your reality for a future that may never arrive, all the while uncertain and unsure if it will work out but wanting for it to work out in the way you imagine it to.

Any goal you choose to go after Beautiful Being from the HEART— either it will work out or it won’t. It ALL comes down to CHOICES that YOU make and HOW you show up for YOURSELF for what it is you are going after.

What would happen if you could just ACCEPT that — it will work out or it won’t — would that release the fear you have?

What would happen if you spent MORE time entertaining the possibility of ALL the things that could go right, well and good?

And what if you just DECIDE that you are WORTH the effort, you are WORTH the investment of going ALL in on you. ALL in on the things you would normally label as ‘too expensive’, or ‘too old for that dream’ or ‘not good enough’

Life is serving you what YOU believe YOURSELF to be and the limitations or openness YOU place upon yourself.

It costs time and energy to stress, worry and live in fear.

What if you fuelled yourself with HOW best to be prepared for the fears you may potentially face if they materialise — so you at least are aware of what it is and trust you are resourceful enough to come up with a great solution for it right now?

What if you decided to find ways to EMPOWER you — your TRUTH and what you stand for…

What if you LET yourself expand into the infinite POSSIBILITIES that are calling upon you…

Either it will work out or it won’t. Let that decision come from a place of LOVE to go for it or not. After all aren’t YOU just a bit curious about the other awesome parts of your Soul Beautiful Being?

Only you can discover and explore the vast terrain that is you. So what will it be?

Thank you for being beautifully you.

Much love and light

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