Unending Dispute

I have been having such a massive issue with Enterprise Rent-A-Car and Chase. I just feel the need to post it here because maybe I have friends that can help me in this crazy, can’t-possibly-be-real situation. This is a long story. I apologize. But I’m getting this out into the world because #1 It shouldn’t happen to anyone else. #2 Someone needs to be held accountable.

I rented a car in Brussels while I was there in July. Firstly, when I called to book the car, I was given a quote for an automatic vehicle, unlimited mileage, I was picking the car up at Midi Train station and returning at Brussels Airport. I never got a confirmation e-mail. I called and was informed that as long as I had the confirmation number, I would be fine.

When I arrived at the train station (Mind you, I had travelled by cab, bus, and train from England since 3:30 in the morning), there was no Enterprise at the train station. We called the rental location and they said that they were about 20 minutes away from the station. I asked for a ride, since the slogan is Enterprise: We’ll Pick You Up, but they acted like this was a ridiculous request. They said, “Oh no. We don’t do that. You can take a taxi.” So we had to find a taxi and it was a €20 cab ride to the Enterprise site. Never was I offered any compensation for this fare. You cannot have your main slogan be, “We’ll pick you up!” and then tell a customer, “No. No. We won’t pick you up. Just kidding! You’re on your own.”

I received my contract and it was entirely in French. I asked for an English contract. He said they didn’t have an English one. Fine, because I could read the price and it was what I agreed to. I signed the receipt. Once I received my car, the tank was almost empty. I had to fill the tank almost immediately after receiving the car. Fine. Whatever. The whole thing was shady from the start, and there’s much more weirdness that happened when I picked up my car, but as a novelist, I know I tend to write a bit too much. I shall move on because this is only the beginning.

When I called initially, I was quoted $391.83 as a total for my rental. Makes sense. Four days. You expect it to be slightly higher after taxes and fees, etc. But when I got home from Europe, I realized that Enterprise charged me over $800. Wait a minute. What?! It was in the form of two separate charges, so I assumed they accidentally charged me twice.

I called Enterprise. It took about 2 weeks to finally get someone to reach out to me. The representatives in the United States said I had to speak to someone on the international team, which ended up being a lady named Michelle in Belgium. She explained to me that I was charged correctly. I explained to her that I wasn’t charged correctly and I sent her a copy of my receipt, which was a little less than €400. In no way would I, or anyone for that matter, spend over $800 on a tiny European rental car for four days! She then said I went over my mileage allowance and returned my car late. Wait what?! I was never told ANY of this. Ever. (She also offered me some compensation for my trouble. But I still had to pay nearly the entire bill. Nope. Not happening.)

She said I was to return the car at 11am and I returned it around 3pm. But…that makes no sense. Why? I returned my car at around 11:15 AND I WAS IN AN AIRPLANE HEADING TO POLAND AT 2! I explained that miles were unlimited, per my original booking, and I returned my car on time and I knew this for a fact because I WAS ON AN AIRPLANE. I had a leisurely stroll, did some shopping, ate lunch, all way before boarding time while at Brussels Airport. My car was sitting at Enterprise for HOURS before the time she says I returned my vehicle.

I called Chase to report the fraud. They removed the charge from my credit card. I never heard back from Michelle in Belgium. I assumed all was well and that she realized she was wrong.

All was not well.

A month and a half later, I receive a letter from Chase informing me that Enterprise Rent-A-Car disputed my claim. They provided “proof” that I signed for both receipts. I ASK THAT YOU NOW LOOK AT THE RECEIPTS PROVIDED:

Okay. I need to breathe because this is making me insane. CLEARLY, my name was copied and pasted from the original receipt I signed on the 11th. It is not humanly possible to sign your name in the exact same way. OBVIOUSLY. IN ADDITION, please look at the date and time:

15/07/2015 17:39

My plane landed in Poland around 17:00. I was in Poland at the time I supposedly returned my car. I have my plane itinerary, I have my receipt for the Hertz Rental car in Poland that I picked up at around 18:00. I can easily prove that I was in Poland eating pierogies at the time I supposedly returned my car to Brussels Airport. But the fact of the matter is, I shouldn’t have to prove anything. These receipts end all discussion in the matter at hand.

In addition to this, the receipt shows the location on both receipts as the Midi Station Enterprise Rent-A-Car. I returned my car to the airport. It just doesn’t even make sense.

My question is, who the heck works over at the Chase fraud department? How did they look at these receipts and not notice this? What Enterprise Rent-A-Car did is ILLEGAL. They falsified a receipt and forged my signature. And they send this to me as proof?

I ran over to my local Chase bank and brought the receipts. The guy was completely stunned and called the fraud department on my behalf. They asked him to fax over my paperwork and said everything would be fine. He faxed over my written explanation with the receipts and said I would hear from them in a couple of days.

I heard nothing. So I called.

Chase said not to worry, it was under control. They said they had my paperwork and agreed it was blatantly obvious that my signature was copied and pasted onto a new receipt. I felt okay and knew after nearly three months, it was over.

It’s not over.

Today I went online to pay some bills and realized I had a new charge on my credit card. I checked it out. Chase recharged me the €412.92. After all the paperwork, after the falsified receipts, Chase put the charge back on my card for me to pay. Enterprise-Rent-A-Car handed over fraudulant receipts to the CHASE FRAUD DEPARTMENT and they decide they are going to recharge me?!

How does a company copy and paste a signature and get away with it? How did they put this back on my credit card after two months when I had just submitted new paperwork that really should be the end of this whole dispute?

I called Chase. The woman was completely rude. She said they tried to call me twice (I got a missed call while I was at work. My phone is on silent the whole day, obviously, on account of I am a teacher.) and that I didn’t answer. Well, ya know, there’s something called an answering machine. (Or voicemail. Whatever. I’m still getting used to the hip lingo.) No one left a message. No one would explain to me why it was put back on my card, all she said was I needed to start all over again and file a dispute. She was from the dispute department. I asked if I could file the dispute with her. She said no. I told her I just faxed in all my paperwork a week ago and that they FORGED MY SIGNATURE ONTO A RECEIPT I NEVER SAW OR SIGNED. She said I needed to fill out new paperwork. I asked her where I could get paperwork. She said there was no paperwork. That I had to file a new dispute on my own.

And now I am left completely confused.

In a nut shell, I faxed over the receipts that Enterprise-Rent-A-Car sent to Chase in the first place, and now they wanted me to resend the paperwork that Chase originally sent to me? Does that sound as ridiculous to you as it does to me?

Am I wrong to think that Chase has the obligation to go after the people who are trying to rip me off? Am I wrong to believe that they would be just as livid as I am that one of their customers is the victim of fraud?

I work hard for everything I earn. I save all year for my trips abroad and budget accordingly. To charge my account like this, to falsify my signature, it’s not only illegal, but it’s just a horrible thing to do to a person. I always assumed that my bank would have my back and go after individuals who break the law. But apparently the victims are to be blamed and the burden falls on them to prove their innocence.

UPDATE: I just found my receipt from Hertz in Warsaw Chopin Airport. Please note the date and time on the receipt:

15/07/15 17:24 WOW. It seems that both myself and Padre Pio have something in common! I can be in two countries at once!

I don’t have my original boarding pass, obviously, but here is a copy of my flight confirmation:

Note the time of departure and arrival on July 15th.

I posted this here as further proof even though I do not need it. This should all end with the forged receipts from Enterprise Rent-A-Car. If it happened to me, it is probably happening to other people who rent cars from Enterprise-Rent-A-Car. And we cannot allow illegal activity to continue within a huge corporation.


I went to my local branch and visited with Chris, the same person who helped me submit my paperwork before. Chris works at Chase and the fraud department gave him the same run around. After much aggravation, it is off my credit card…for now. But honestly, I’m not even sure I believe it. I hope to be hearing directly from Chase soon because this situation needs to be addressed.

For the record, my local Chase branch is wonderful. I’ve been going to that bank for years, ever since it was Bank of New York. Chris shares my frustration and has worked very hard to rectify the situation and to get Chase to do more than they are doing. Unfortunately, it seems to be a dead end once you pick up the phone.

Even though Chase has taken the charge off for the second time, they said they are going to review the documents. It’s almost like they’re starting all over again when they’ve had the receipts sitting in their computers for months now. I cannot for the life of me understand how this is happening or why Chase can’t just get their act together and go after Enterprise.


Enterprise contacted me via Twitter after I posted this blog. In short, they said they were going to contact their Brussels branch and have them reach out to me so they can resolve my issue.

Okay. I am taking a deep breath because I still cannot handle the thought process behind this.

Why in the world would you contact the Brussels branch, the SAME PEOPLE who COPIED MY SIGNATURE in the first place?! HOW does this make ANY SENSE? And hello, Brussels Enterprise. Because I know you might be reading this. It’s INSANE. I can just see how that conversation would go:

Enterprise USA: Hey guys. So a customer has a complaint. She says you just copied and pasted her signature onto a fake receipt. Says she never signed it. We’ll let you handle it from here.

Enterprise Brussels: What?! We would NEVER do that. She’s obviously mistaken and she still owes us nearly $500 because she returned her car late and went over her mileage allowance. We’ll take care of it.

Enterprise USA: Okay then. Sorry for the trouble!

What should happen in a truly just and fair society? How should this be handled within a competent corporation?

Enterprise goes after corrupt Brussels branch. Launches an investigation into exactly who forged the signature and why. Sees whether or not this has happened before. Person responsible is fired.

But hey. What do I know?