And how to find your way again.

“Feeling lost, crazy and desperate belongs to a good life as much as optimism, certainty and reason.” ~ Alain de Botton

Do you feel lost and alone?

Adrift and confused about which way to go?

Do you long for “something more” but have no clue what’s missing?

Maybe you’re not miserable exactly, but you’re not animated and in love with life either.

Your circumstances may even look pretty good on the outside.

But on the inside, where truth resides, you are bored to tears, unfulfilled, and restless.

Or maybe you are miserable, stuck in a painful place, silently suffering.

Trust me; I know what that feels like.

I felt lost as an introverted, highly…

Have you felt it too? The pain of having dreams you didn’t pursue?
I’ve been a writer most of my life — a writer who doesn’t write. For decades, I dreamed of being a published author, but I did nothing to make my dream come true.

You yearn for this thing that calls to you repeatedly, but you keep pushing it away. It can make you feel terrible about yourself, embarrassed about publicly stating what you want but never acting on it, and angry that you’ve wasted so much time.

So, why do we let this happen? …

Last summer, actors Jennifer Aniston and Renée Zellweger both published editorials about damaging tabloid practices, the objectification of women, and how younger generations are absorbing toxic messages about being female. This open letter to my daughter is my attempt to encourage more conversation around what we really want for our daughters.

Dear Daughter,

Even though the world has changed dramatically since I was a girl, many things about being a woman haven’t changed much at all. So, I hope you remember the following truths as you find your way through the maze of social pressures you’ll encounter every day.

1. You have an amazing body.


“Everything that happens to you is a reflection of what you believe about yourself. We cannot outperform our level of self-esteem. We cannot draw to ourselves more than we think we are worth.” ~Iyanla Vanzant

Aren’t you tired of it?

You know, that sneaking suspicion you aren’t enough.

That inner commentary about where you fall short all the time. The mean internal remarks about your ability to handle life and how you just don’t measure up.

And aren’t you fed up with how it’s been holding you back from pursuing what you truly desire?

A better relationship or more meaningful work. That dream you’ve never told anyone because it just seems impossible when you think about going for it.

Listen, I’ve been there too.

My self-esteem was so low that I was eventually overcome by…

“I’m stronger because of the hard times, wiser because of my mistakes, and happier because I have known sadness.” ~ Unknown

It’s happened to most of us.

Despite our best intentions, something goes dreadfully wrong.

You suffer a heartbreaking loss, make a terrible mistake, or get blindsided by an injury.

In disbelief your mind cries, “Wait. What?”

And then, “No, no, no, this can’t be happening.”

After the initial shock, when the surge of stress hormones has subsided, you realize that yes, this is happening.

And you can’t help thinking: “But how could this happen? It’s not fair. I can’t bear it. Why me? Why now? How will I ever get through this?”

Your mind is reeling. …

Linda Wattier

Life Transition Coach, Personal Growth Writer, and Catalyst for Positive Change.

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