Vote with Huobi Token for free to get a project listed on HADAX and get rewarded with free tokens

Linda Willemse
May 2, 2018 · 3 min read

Huobi Token is the Cryptocurrency Exchange token of Huobi Pro and HADAX. Both exchanges are owned by Huobi Global. If you have a trading account at Huobi Pro you can also trade at HADAX and vice versa.

Huobi Token has currently been in an uptrend. It first started trading at 0.00009634 BTC and at the time of writing (2nd of May 2018) it’s worth 0.00029801 BTC per token. The USD value is $ 2.69.

The reason for this uptrend in the last few days could have something to do with the rule change in the HADAX community token voting process. This new rule makes it possible to use Huobi Tokens to vote for free and get rewarded free tokens.

How does it work?
Huobi Token holders can vote on HADAX to get their preferred project listed. Each vote will cost 0.1 HT, users can place a minimum of 0.1 vote a maximum of 1,000,000 votes and you can only vote for a maximum of 3 projects. Voting rules have recently changed to benefit Huobi Token holders even more. The actual voting is free, because all the Huobi Token used for voting will be refunded and voters can win rewards when the project that you have voted for gets listed.

Get rewarded with free tokens
Besides free voting, project teams can set up incentives for users that vote and distribute the incentives among the voters in proportion to the number of votes after the token is listed.

For example the most voted project at the moment is Themis (GET token).

GET has 108,459,307 votes at the moment. The incentive total is
5,000,000 GET. For every vote placed the user receives 0.046 GET, if the token is listed on HADAX or Huobi Pro.
Teams can adjust the incentives upwards during the voting process, never downwards.

The reward tokens from the project teams will be sent to users in 4 installments. When the token is live on HADAX or Huobi Pro, users that voted will get the first 25% of reward tokens airdropped into their Huobi account. In the 3 following weeks each week another 25% of the rewards will be deposited until 100% of the tokens is rewarded to the user.

A total of 3 projects will be listed on HADAX. The top project will have priority in Huobi Pro’s review for listing.

A short recap
Use Huobi Tokens to place votes on HADAX. Receive a refund of the paid Huobi Tokens at all times. If the project you voted for gets listed you will get an incentive from the project in the form of a token reward paid to you in 4 installments.

The results so far for this round with less than 2 days to go:
🥇 Themis project GET token
🥈 MATRIX project MAN token
🥉 PromotionChain project PC token
🏅 Distributed Factoring Network ZJL token
🏅 Republic Protocol project REN token

Buying and holding Huobi Tokens (HT) also has other benefits, like:
✅ Buy a VIP membership with Huobi Tokens to reduce trading fees
✅ Huobi Token Buyback program which reduces the supply of Huobi Token and often leads to a price increase
✅ Exclusive airdrops for Huobi Token holders, like the most recent Game Token (GTC) airdrop
✅ Use Huobi Token for free to vote, get your favorite token listed and get incentivized by that token

The deadline of this HADAX voting phase is: 4th of May 2018 07.00 GMT +2. Who will you be voting for? Who will be the winners of this voting round? What do you think? I would like to know your thoughts.

I’m giving away 10 HT to one person that claps for this article, follows me on twitter @lindacrypto and comments on this article on twitter with their HT wallet address. The winner will be announced in the next article on Huobi and on twitter.
Update: Winner has been announced on twitter and tokens have been distributed.

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