Build a Wikipedia Viewer

Okay… my idiot test moment on the “Build a Wikipedia Viewer”…. after spending a lot of time playing around with Wiki API Submodules for revision and info… a simple google search “get the first sentence of the Wikipedia page” rendered a useful Wiki API submodule: Extracts….

Hint! Time Saver code added: prop=extracts&exintro

“Filtered LS”

This challenge threw me a bit; as I forgot that the LearnYouNode module was supplying it’s own file path and file type. Once I remembered that, I was able to complete the challenge by looping through the list of files and calling for the path information as hinted in the challenge. #StartaNodejsServer

Okay… this lesson gives you the
new information that you need to interact with file input stream; however, it expects you to recall how to process in arguments, which you learn in the previous lesson. Once you get the js script to read in the file name and assign it to a variable, then you can use the new information to accomplish this task.

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