Snow cone ideas for adults

Snow cones are really something that many people like to eat during the summer to cool off in the heat. This is especially great for children and is quite popular at kid’s parties. There are some adults that also like to eat the snow cones, but many of the adults are thinking that snow cones are just for kids, and that it’s simple for an adult to eat a snow cone. However, there are some great ideas how you can make a snow cone for adults. Here are some ideas that you can use for making an adult snow cone.


There are many cocktail recipes that you can use for making a snow cone. Most of the cocktails that you are drinking in a bar, can be used on snow cones. Just think how impress your friends will be when you serve a cocktail for them, on a snow cone. They will just love it.

These cocktails can contain some alcohol, or you can make it the alcohol-free cocktails. It depends on you and your friend’s preferences. If you don’t know how to make any of the bar cocktails, you can easily find some great recipes online.

By adding alcohol to the snow cones

If you are going to host a party, and you know that your friends like drinking alcohol you can always serve these alcohol on a snow cone. And, the great thing is that you can add the alcohol with the snow cone syrup or without the syrup. It depends on what your friends really like.

You can basically add any type of alcohol to the snow cones. From brandy to liqueurs. You can turn an ordinary adult party in lots of fun, and making it different with serving alcohol snow cones.

Not having a machine?

Now, you might say that you don’t have one of the best snow cone machines to make the snow cones. But, this is actually not a problem if you don’t have the machine. You can just use your blender to crush the ice. And, you can add the ice into any cocktail glass, if you don’t want to use the normal snow cone, cubs.

If you are going to make these cocktail snow cones a lot, it might be a great idea to think about investing in one of the best snow cone machines. This will ensure that your snow cones will always come out perfect, and that your friends will love having parties at your house, with your machine and your snow cones.

Who said that snow cones are just for kids? There is nothing as refreshing as a snow cone in the summer. And, if you are making these snow cones, alcohol snow cones, it will be even better. You can basically use any cocktail recipe and add it on top of your snow cone. This will transform a kid’s treat into an adult treat, without any problems. And, your friends and family, will love coming to your home to enjoy an adult snow cone during the summer.


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