3 of My Favorite Freelance Writing Job Boards

Plus my fool-proof way for making sure work is available when I need it

Lindsay Pietroluongo
2 min readJan 14, 2023


There are a lot of ways to find freelance writing work, but if you’re looking for online job boards, these are the three I’ve relied on for years:

1. FreelanceWritingGigs.com

Monday to Friday, they post several writing (and editing) job roundups that are divided into categories, including journalism, grant writing, technical writing, and more.

Access the job board here, and then click on each date for that day’s jobs.

2. ProBlogger.com

There aren’t a ton added every day, but a lot of them are high-quality.

Access the job board here.

3. Sonia Weiser’s “Opportunities of the Week” Newsletter

Every week, Sonia sends out a LONG list of gigs sourced from Twitter. Lots of higher-level opps here that you won’t find on other job boards.

Sign up for Sonia’s newsletter here.

How to Keep Track of the Jobs You Apply To

I’ve used my Work Search Spreadsheet since 2018, and after my first 3 months with it, I was able to pinpoint exactly how many jobs I had to apply to so I could land the number of clients I wanted.

It also lets me know how long it takes those jobs to go from application to assignment.

I can now map my job search down to the week so the work is there when I need it.

Learn more and get my free template (with instructions for using it) here:

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