I quit my job.

So, I just quit my job. I guess the more polite way to say that is I resigned, or I gave my notice, or I’ve decided to move on. I use that one a lot. I’ve decided to move on. That’s the phrase that feels the most real to me. As if my career is a flowing organism that can gain momentum or slow down, and now it’s making the latest leap. But hopefully not jumping the shark. Ahem.

Truth be told, the story of why I quit my job would more accurately be described as the story of why I’m going all in at my new company — TetraScience. And I do feel like I’m going ALL IN. It’s the earliest stage startup I’ve ever joined (seed), and I am the first marketing hire. On paper, it’s a very high risk decision. But it’s the easiest risky decision I’ve ever made. Here’s why…

Falling in love with a mission

When I first read the description of what TetraScience is, I gasped. I’m talking about a genuine, victorian-era, shock-and-awe gasp. There were no pearls to clutch, but you get the picture. I loved the mission and I loved the product. This was rare. I plowed through their website, eating it up. These guys were legit, and I wanted to be a part of it.

In a nutshell, TetraScience is on a mission to improve the cumbersome and manual workflows that scientists deal with in their labs. To accomplish this, they have created a cloud-based solution that serves as mission control for scientific instruments.

Let’s talk big picture for a moment. The end result of what they’re building is the advancement of any and all lab-based sciences.

How. cool. is. that.

TetraScience has the very real potential to modernize lab research across disciplines. Just think about what that could mean for the world.


Meeting the team behind the dream

I had reservations about meeting the team. Would we vibe? Could I see myself working with them? Could they embrace a non-academic type like myself? Their About page is a bit intimidating to say the least.

Before I met with CEO and co-founder, Alok Tayi, I found an article he had written about the importance of instilling character and values in all aspects of your startup. I immediately knew we would get along. And if he built a team with that ideology as the guiding force, I knew I’d get along with them too.

I was right.

The team at TetraScience is super smart and ego free. Everyone is passionate about the company mission and driven to see it succeed. I had the opportunity to also speak with some of the company’s advisors. They were equally impressive and underscored the potential of the product.

All in all, the vibes, they were good. I’m looking forward to us challenging one another to greater professional heights — in my opinion, the greatest reward for working at a startup. There’s nothing quite like the magic that comes from a tight knit team working their damnedest to deliver value to customers. From what I understand, TetraScience already has a very strong start in that area.

Opening up the tip jar

So what now? I don’t know, you tell me. Give me your tips! I’d love to hear from people who made the jump to an early stage startup and any advice you have. Also interested in connecting with other first marketing hires and learning how you prioritized what to tackle. And scientists! If you work in a lab, I’d love to buy you a beverage and pick your brain.