Money saving techniques for newlyweds

Reality usually strikes just a few weeks after the honeymoon. You’re young and in love. You met a few years ago and finally decided to seal the deal. You told your parents and they were thrilled. They offered to pay for most of the wedding, making budgeting much easier on your young budget.

Now the honeymoon is over. You’ve settled down into your small apartment and started to try and plan your lives together. The first thing to look at is the budget.

When you were single your parents paid for a lot of things like car insurance, cell phone bill, school, maybe even the car itself. Now that you are married and living on your own, however, they have decided to give you the boot. Suddenly all those little monthly expenses start to add up.

Not only that, but both of you have different ideas for where to limit your spending and where to put your money. It is no wonder money is the biggest issue in most of today’s marriages.

Luckily, there are a lot of ways to save money in today’s economy. This will help you both as there will be more money to go around and less places that need to be cut. Here are just a few


Insurance is often the biggest surprise to newlyweds. There are suddenly pushed into this world with car insurance, renters insurance, home warranty insurance, and a million companies offering insurance quotes and the best rates.

The great thing is it really doesn’t matter where you get your prices. Most places that offer quotes are called brokers, and they basically shop all insurance companies for you and find the cheapest option. This saves you from entering your info in a million websites like Allstate or State Farm, and gives you the best rate available.


It would be worth taking a look at your statement each month and figuring out how much you spend on gas. Most people are surprised when they realize they spend a couple hundred dollars each month just driving around. Unfortunately while credit cards make it incredibly easy to access your funds, they also make it so you barely register when money exits your account.

Once you realize how much you are spending each month on gas then take a moment to figure out where it is all going. You may initially think it is all going to work related trips, then come to realize that it is actually much more. You may also start seeking out carpools with co-workers in similar situations.


The mall can be a scary place for newlyweds. It is easy to blow a couple hundred dollars on just a few outfits at the mall. This may have been find when your parents were paying for it, but there are better ways for young couples that are budgeting still.

There are a lot of stores that get clothes from the mall that don’t sell for a variety of reasons. These stores turn around and sell the clothes from the mall for pennies on the dollar. You may be thinking that these stores must only sell ugly clothes, but most shoppers find themselves surprised by the clothes they find at these places. They include stores such as Ross, Hudson’s Treasure Hunt, and TJ Max.

These are only a few of many ways you could save. Bear in mind that if you can cut just a few dollars out of every section of your budget it can amount to quite a bit by the end of the month.