The details improve the design

In our daily life all the people experience a contact with an infinity of objects which we do not truly appreciate because we have always count with them, however, these objects are indispensable and without them our daily lives would become more complicated. Since we wake up in the morning, we are unconsciously enjoying the comforts that well-designed objects give us, the bed where we sleep is designed for people to have a pleasant dream, the toothbrush we use was designed and created to not harm our gums but still clean our teeth well.Every single thing that we get contact with throughout our day was created to make our lives easier and provide solutions to our problems.

The most important thing that compose a design are the details, details define the quality of a design, and is this feature the one that I get identify with because is related with advertising. As in industrial design, in advertising is extremely important the quality that give the details to a project, both try to satisfy the needs of people and constantly offer innovation and modern ideas.