Who Are We? Then again, Why Are We?

This is a very good question. Every business must answer this question and trust me, we aren’t left out. I am always intrigued as to how this question is answered. Better yet, I want to know “why” this question is answered. What led to this question arising?

For us, it started about 4 months ago when I was talking to my closest friend and co-founder of LineupLink, Ryan Meda. Oh, by the way, I am Andrew Giorgi. Nice to meet you! Anyways, back to the story. We were talking about our childhood memories. The times when our parents literally had to ground us if we missed dinner because we were playing the nightly pickup football game with the neighborhood crew. The times that when the only thing that mattered was going out on the field, court, or course and having fun while playing the games we loved. Man, those were the days.

2015, oh have times changed. Among the changes is the youth sporting culture. Some changes have been great, and some not so much. We will leave that for another day. You would think that the youth sports community has grown like crazy because of all the crazy competitive teams that we see across our Twitter and Facebook feeds. In reality, there is an increase in the amount of kids that are not playing sports. Parents are now having trouble getting their kids off of their iPads, PlayStations, and who knows what else, and getting them outside to play. I mean heck, even the Nintendo Wii has to tell you to go outside to take a break after playing for an extended amount of time. Where is the neighborhood pickup football game? Where are those days that we so fondly remember?

If you look in the paragraph above, I bolded and italicized a few important words. These words resonate with us. The reality of kids not playing sports screamed to us an opportunity to help grow the youth athletic community. We want kids to experience what playing sports has to offer. From the team atmosphere to the simplicity of just having fun.

LineupLink allows athletes (of any age) and their families aware of all the team opportunities in their community for any sport with one click of a button. We want to make this the quickest way for athletes to find teams and for teams to find athletes. Point blank. We want to give athletes and their families the easiest path in making memories that last forever.

Teams post their tryout dates, location and information. Players search and find teams of any sport. Camps/showcases list their camp details.

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