Linfield can help you experience the world

More than 50 percent of Linfield students spend a term or year studying abroad. The experience prepares students for a world that is culturally and technologically interconnected, and often shaped by new challenges. Why else should you study abroad? Let us tell you!

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Jan 8, 2017 · 4 min read
Ryan Morgan ’17, Luis Santillan-Guzman ’17, Gilberto Galvez ’17 and Amandine Gravier in France.

Free airfare!

This isn’t a buy-one, get-one deal. Linfield will pay for all qualified students’ round-trip airfare from PDX. Does your major or minor require you to study abroad? Great! We’ll pick up the second round-trip airfare as well.

Sierra Carey ’16 in Galapagos, Ecuador.


Your college internship could be nearly anywhere. It could be at an accounting firm in Portland or a winery in Yamhill County. It could also be at a non-profit in Malaysia or an international relations office in France. Linfield partners with IE3 to offer unpaid internships all over the world. Each internship is tailored towards a student’s degree plan.

Samantha West ’16 in Italy.

Earn college credits abroad

The courses that you take abroad are not just fun and games. All credits earned abroad count toward a Linfield degree including major, minor, LCs, or electives.

Photo by Jessica Villanueva ’17 in Peru.

Oh, the places you’ll go

Linfield offers numerous semester and year abroad options. In fact, we partner with 33 locations in 15 countries around the world for semester/year abroad opportunities. So, where do you want to go?

Photo by Michaela Duffey ’17 in Japan.

It has to be expensive, right?

If you thought your financial aid was only applicable to McMinnville and Portland, then think again. You will receive the same financial aid package for a semester abroad that you do when you are on campus at Linfield. Students also have the opportunity to apply for additional study abroad scholarships such as the Gilman, PDX Abroad and the Bridging Scholarship, which can be up to an additional $5,000 in scholarships.

Isaac Hainley ’14 during a January Term in Thailand.

50%? Really?

You bet! Linfield College places a large emphasis on students studying abroad. Nationwide, only 10 percent of college students study abroad.

You won’t be doing this alone, either. The International Programs Office and your faculty advisor are available to help plan your time abroad.

Photo courtesy of Annika Lindburg ’17, during her time in the Czech Republic.

What about Jan Term?

We wouldn’t forget about Jan Term! January Term abroad offers students an in-depth and fast-paced exploration of a specific topic in one or several cultures. The courses are taught by Linfield faculty who are experts in their fields.

Photo taken by Erin Moller ’17 during her January Term course in the United Kingdom: Economics of Association Football in the UK.

Immerse yourself in another culture

Linfield has carefully selected study abroad programs that allow students to become fully immersed in the culture and immensely improve their language skills by providing ample opportunities to get involved.

Photo by Katie Daughtery ’17, during her study abroad course in Thailand: Traditional and Modern Healthcare in Thailand.

Expand your career opportunities

Studying abroad allows students to expand skills that employers seek, such as intercultural competence, communication, problem solving and leadership, just to name a few.

Photo by Megan Hadley ’17 during her study abroad course in Italy: Dante and His World.

Meet new people!

Linfield students live in host homes or in university housing for their semester/year abroad. You also have the opportunity to join clubs to meet students locally and from all over the world.

Photo taken in Seoul, South Korea by Kelsi Watanabe ’16 during her Semester Abroad at Yonsei University.

Studying abroad sounds pretty great. Are you ready to see the world with help from Linfield? January Term 2018 applications are due in February 2017 and information about semester/year abroad is available on the International Programs Office’s website.

Linfield College is one of the nation’s best small colleges. We are located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Learn more about Linfield at

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