As much as experts, analysts, speakers, lecturers and consultants keep hailing whatever the current year is the year of Customer Experience, UX fails are still everywhere.

Although user experience (UX) is only a part of customer experience(CX), its impact on the bottom line can be significant over the long run.

That’s why startups and innovative companies have been wooing customers away from incumbents with superior UX and UI.

As a user, I’m angry that bad UX is still happening in 2018. As a market observer, I’m concerned for the big corporations that are letting things slip past the cracks.


Take a look at this list of results: over a million customers, sixth biggest lender, challenger bank status, most recommended bank and so on. This looks pretty impressive for Australia’s self-proclaimed “oldest fintech” having been operational in the country since 1999.

How does the multinational bank ING do it? Some common themes used by analysts to describe the bank’s strengths are intuitive customer experience, digital disruption, and simplified business structure.

Recently, ING released Australia’s first set-and-forget savings feature that lets customers save as they “run, walk, tweet or shiver.” …

Welcome to the end of 2017. It has been yet another year of rapid changes in the tech world that make people raise or lower their eyebrows.

Since reaction buttons have become a thing, let’s review the different emotions people have had in reaction to this year’s developments.

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Sceptical about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies

A new form of investment

People and the media are obsessed about the price of Bitcoin. Is it a bubble? Is it going to crash like the dotcom bust?

Future of Brands

Would you care if the brands you interact with everyday disappeared?

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Would you care if the brands you interact with everyday disappeared? A global survey says nearly three-quarters of those asked wouldn’t. Would what we do as marketers, branding strategists, advertisers or product managers matter anymore? But before it turns into a philosophical debate about the meaning of existence, let’s quickly return to reality.

Not long ago, I attended a thought provoking event by Brand South Australia discussing the future of brands and how the “Future Enterprise” can foster trust in consumers.

Once upon a time, all marketers cared about was how to create a killer ad for a newspaper, magazine, and TV. Then came the Internet and all sorts of digital marketing tactics ensued. Fast track to the present, marketing appears to be shouldering things like digital transformation and customer experience (CX).

But do we know what we’re doing, or why we’re doing it?

Here is an outline of what each section in this article talks about:

  1. The rising power of consumers and why marketers need to take CX seriously
  2. The current CX maturity level and the traditional marketing thinking that…

We’re fast approaching the end of another interesting year. Despite the gloomy Year in Review released recently by Facebook, we’re optimistic that advances in technology are for the better.

Let’s look back at the top 10 talked about topics in the technology/business space.

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1. Internet of Things


I managed to “ambush” our CTO and collected his thoughts on some of the most pressing issues in software development. There’s a lot going on beneath and between the lines of codes you see on screen. As someone with a non-tech background, I got to hear stories from the other side, which is important for anyone wishing to boost collaboration.

Before we dive in, here’s some background information about Dylan. Overseeing our projects, he acts as a bridge between the technical and business side of things. …

I remember pouring heavy capital from my “cash cow” into R&D for a new product in a new category. I remember the thrill and anxiety of launching into an unknown territory without much market information about consumer preferences, segments etc.

I remember trying to reap the first mover advantage for my company so much that I was determined to outspend my competitors on R&D (and get that info by purchasing market intelligence).

Launch week: everything seemed to go according to my predictions until one competitor figured out the formulas of the whole system and basically took over the “game”.

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For those who haven’t seen House of Cards (a Netflix’s original TV series), there is a scene where just before getting fired, the Washington Herald’s chief editor says:

“Twitter, blogs, enriched media, they’re all surface, they’re all fads.”

He believes the newspaper’s only way to survive is to stick to the tradition, to hard news. In reality (and in the TV series too), print media is not doing so great. On the other hand, digital media, especially non-news outlets, has been thriving.

As you will see throughout the article, those who refuse to adapt, will fall behind. And those that…

A device that lets you “smell the Internet” via the websites you visit. A mobile app that lets you see and react to your Facebook newsfeed stories right on your phone’s home screen. Sound like good ideas right?

The truth is: DigiScents’ iSmell and Facebook’s Home are considered two of the biggest product flops in the last few decades. It’s not that the products weren’t technologically good, or had inadequate financial support. It’s because there was little consideration to the user needs.

Introducing Jobs to Be Done

Now imagine yourself in this scenario: You are embarking on a new product development journey for a physical…

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