For Two Cows I Ain’t Half-Bad: the memoir of a young girl in the Vietnam War Kindle Edition


Too much of what we know about War, comes from Soldiers like me, Reporters and Politicians. But, children also live through War and this story covers the life of a 17 year old girl, now my wife of 43 years(45 as the Vietnamese count) that I met in 1970 while a Sailor aboard aboard a USN Repair Barge, the YRBM-21. Among other responsibilities she assisted our Unit’s Doctor and also assisted with various Civil Action missions. The Cover Picture shows one of those missions.

Excerpts from this book were previously sold to and published by “Soldier of Fortune” Magazine and “Gung-Ho” Magazine
My thanks to the late MG Robert N Mackinnon for his Foreword


He who knows himself, and knows his enemy, wins without danger.

Bac Eaton’s story is a graphic picture of the struggles of a young Vietnamese girl and her family in war-torn Vietnam. It should be required reading for all who served there, as well as their families and friends. It explains in simple yet powerful language the forces that were acting on the Vietnamese nation, while we, the United States, were so closely involved. These forces, religious, ethnic, political, and always life-threatening, were never fully understood by the Americans. Whether we were serving in Vietnam, had already served there, or were directing the conflict from Washington, D. C., we never knew what we were facing. This failure to understand made our efforts to meld the South Vietnamese people into an effective cohesive force an exercise in futility.
In a simple but compelling way the author describes the harsh realities of life in the hell of Vietnam. It is miraculous that anyone could maintain any kind of day to day existence much less dream of the future under these conditions. Bac is living proof of the spirit of the South Vietnamese people and their ability to surmount overwhelming odds.

Robert N Mackinnon
Maj. Gen. USA Retired