Elysian Token Sale AAR

The following is statistical and brief technical documentation of the AI security platform deployed during the Elysian Token Generation Event

Testing new ideas and technology can be hard, You face unforeseen challenges and have little assistance.

These After Action Reports enable us to review core data and metrics and ensure that our public deployments are stable and secure.

The Platform.

Elysian was the 3rd public deployment of our AI platform and the 9th deployment overall.

Deployment details: Fourth Generation Beta AI Platform

Deployment start date: 19th of March 2018

Deployment end date: 8th of July 2018

Monitored domains: elycoin.io, tge.elycoin.io

Platform configuration

  • SSL Certificate Monitor enabled
  • IRCP enabled
  • Anti-phishing Core enabled (V1.6)
  • Scanner Core enabled (V2.1)
  • Silent Mode disabled
  • Social Core disabled
  • Client dashboard disabled

The Numbers.

Malicious Social Accounts: 184

No of Tweets From Team Elysian: 273

% of Tweets Attacked: 67%

Removed Accounts: 180

Blacklisted domains: 9

Non-malicious events: 17

Domains scanned: 47,589

Domain false positive error: 2.6%

Total Compute Time: 2664 hours (111 days)

Malicious Ethereum Addresses

The following is an index of all Ethereum address associated with attempts to phish or scam users during the Elysian ICO.

Total In = 3.00 ETH

https://etherscan.io/address/0x8720f1F7ccec0339FEF3e9f8ff8eD6b46c3dD30a ( Also Included This BTC:18SxULPNGESZbcKA9FHLGH7RpaoHCa8DXE)
Total In = 15.73935411947 ETH

Total In = 0.00 ETH

Total In = 0.00 ETH

Total In = 0.00 ETH

The only amount able to be directly contributed to actions directed at the Elysian ICO is the first account with 3.00 ETH having been lost due to telegram PM


+ “ethe.mediumblog.top”
+ “eth.mediumblog.top”
+ “claim.ether33.online”
+ “any.ether33.online”
+ “mediumblog.org”
+ “swswd.ether33.online”
+ “swdwd.ethers444.online”
+ “eth22.mediumblog.top”

These addresses and domains have all be submitted to various community blacklists and updated on https://etherscamdb.info

MetaMask maintain a blacklist and domain blocker that Linhart Blockchain Consultants Contributes all of our found domains to via their GitHub

All in all, Another successful deployment with great data for the team to review and work on ensuring our platform can scale as we ramp up our deployment schedule.