Elysian have successfully completed their TGE!

Elysian is backed by a team of Ecommerce and cryptocurrency experts with a plan to connect the multi-trillion dollar Ecommerce industry with the multi-billion dollar global cryptocurrency market by creating a revolutionary, new Ecommerce platform.

After reaching their soft cap and with current market conditions unfavourable, The Elysian team have lowered the Hard Cap which has now successfully been achieved.

Read more about the teams decision here.

During the private sale and TGE, Elysian was subjected to unrelenting attempts to mislead, deceive and outright extort both the community and staff members during the sale.

Linhart Blockchain Consultants Security Engineers provided 24-hour assistance to the Elysian team, neutralizing malicious actors, resolving critical issues and providing guidance on security-related matters.

Paired with our AI-Based security platform, This enabled the Elysian TGE to remain secure and protected from malicious actors.

We look forward to continuing the relationship with Elysian as they work towards blockchain enabled e-commerce.

Stay tuned for more info on our AI platform, Including performance data from this deployment.