6 Ways to Know if You Have the Right Recruiting Partner

Just because you’ve been working with a recruiting firm for a long time doesn’t mean you can’t consider another option. Now might be a good time to do a review of your current recruiting partner and make sure they are still the best fit for your organization. Here are 6 ways to know you’ve partnered with the right firm.

1. Check Out their Reputation

First things first, time to do your homework — Google, Glassdoor, LinkedIn — are all good places to start your evaluation process. You’ll get a sense for their level of professionalism this way. Ask for referrals from other companies in your industry or from job seekers that have worked directly with the firm.

Have they won any awards in their industry? What kind of recruiters work for the firm? Do they have longevity? Do they have specialized experts and a proven track record of placements in leadership, c-suite roles, technical, marketing, sales, etc.?

2. Consistent and Reliable Follow thru

This is critical. Do they do what they say they are going to do? Call you back? Send you more information when you ask for it in a timely fashion? Are they keeping you updated on progress whether it’s good or bad?

3. Honesty and Expertise

They are upfront and honest when they can’t help you fill the role. The good ones will even refer another agency that would be better suited. They are up to date on the market — the particular sector they focus on — the unemployment rates and the current market environment.

4. Invest in Getting to Know You

They take the time to visit your company — get to know your staff and hiring managers — they want to see and get a real feel for the vibe so they can present your organization in the best light possible.

5. An Eagerness to Understand

They ask a lot of questions about the role or roles you are trying to fill as well as about the organization, your culture, and your process. Doing this helps recruiters be more successful at finding someone that is the right fit for your workplace.

6. Validated and Proven Process

Do they throw a whole bunch of resumes at a job description or do they have a structured process they follow from beginning to end? How do they vet out candidates? Are they meeting with them face-to-face? How do they check references? Do they have the latest and greatest recruitment tools to find the best candidates, including a job board, access to resume databases, their own database?

As with any relationship, having chemistry and establishing trust is important and if you can confidently choose a partner that offers the experience and commitment you need, you’ll be on track to make a recruiting partnership a great success for your company.