Company Culture: Un-plugged

I set the out of office reply in Outlook and changed my outgoing message on my voicemail. I turned off my phone and put away my laptop. For 7 days I completely “un-plugged”. Guess what, I plan on doing it again in March. Sound crazy? It’s not. I work for a company that truly values work life balance. The culture that Linium has created with the people in place and value of our process allows us to “un-plug” in peace.

Before joining the organization I knew Linium was a highly respected recruitment firm, participating in many charitable events and comprised of an amazing seasoned professional staff. Until talks of me joining the team, I did not realize the culture of the organization and the true work life balance that is practiced from upper management to interns. Encompassing this trait was a big factor of my decision to accept the offer and join Linium.

When recruiting for candidates to join your organization be sure you are talking to them about what they are looking for in an employer not just if the resume matches the job description. It’s not always about the money. Fox News Reporter, Megyn Kelly recently took over a 5 million dollar pay cut leaving Fox News for NBC. Her reason? To be able to tuck her three children into bed at night. It was about the work life balance. Finding a cultural fit helps companies in the long run by increasing employee retention.

Over 40% of American workers enter each year with un-used paid vacation time. The number one reason, they didn’t want to come back to a pile of extra work. It gets worse, of the 60% that did take vacation, 55% didn’t un-plug. What’s the saying, “I wish I had worked more” said no one ever on their deathbed.

Company culture is a large part of conversations we have with companies and candidates on a regular basis. With the new year just kicked off, perhaps it’s a good time to re-evaluate your own company culture. If you are an employer, are you proud of the work environment and overall satisfaction of your team? If not, it’s a great time to put some new policies and practices in place to get you where you want to be! If you are an employee and not happy with your current employer’s culture, it’s a fantastic time to make a change. Maybe even take a week off an unplug first!

-A person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected.