#ArtOnLink Changes How We Discover Art & Our Cities

Jul 11 · 3 min read
#ArtOnLink artist Mari Andrew depicts the personalities of cities.
Vero Romero shared New York City stoops with the world. (This is a real, live, person, not an actor!)
Meredith Wing shared her Flower Girls with New Yorkers for Fashion Week. As an Instagram comment points out: “They are like visual candy 🍭 of fashion and illustration art …. Like a slot machine 🎰 I wonder which drawing will pop up on the next kiosk on the sidewalk as I walk away from one.”
Mari Andrew shared her ‘Magical Things I’ve Seen In NYC’ to spread warmth this winter. Instagram followers shared thoughts like “My heart stopped when I saw one!! So happy to have these around all the corners.”
Adam J. Kurtz gave us the self-love we didn’t know we needed this past Valentine’s Day. We were honored to share his wisdom on the street with existing followers and new fans. As one commenter on his Instagram points out, “Imagine being introduced to @adamjk for the first time like this. It would feel so fatefully huge WOW.”
Kern Bruce shared his stunning ‘Women of Newark’ portraits for Women’s History month on LinkNWK.
Overheard New York brought their often-ridiculous, always-entertaining New York City soundbites to life with illustrations including this one by Sharon Levy.
Michael Steinbrick shared his stunning ‘The Vortex’ series featuring images of Times Square.
Slanted Studios reimagined the five boroughs with their ‘Sandwiches of New York City.’ Manhattan was a Central Park-inspired falafel. [Not pictured: the Queens’ Unisphere-meets-bacon-egg-and-cheese.]
James Boyle’s Philly Tarot Deck brought city icons to life in a lively deck of 78 illustrations, many of which made their way to LinkPHL.
Paola Delucca brought her ‘People of the New York City Subway’ to life on Link.’ We loved ‘The Lovers,’ among ‘the dancer’, ‘best dressed,’ and more.
Glossblack brought graffiti-style art to life on Link in Philly, captivating people with his stunning typography.
Jeff Deng and Grant Shaffer celebrate their #ArtOnLink campaigns with #ArtAboutLink


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