How to Connect to the LinkNYC Network

By CityBridge

Connect to the LinkNYC network with your phone, tablet, laptop, or smart watch. Just no self-driving cars (yet).

  1. Go to your device’s Wi-Fi settings and select the ‘LinkNYC Free Wi-Fi’ network
  2. Register with your email. Why do you need this information?
  3. Certain devices will be provided with the option to download the key to the free LinkNYC Private network. Learn about the networks. After you download and install the key, go to your Wi-Fi settings and turn your Wi-Fi off, and then on again, to connect to the LinkNYC Private network. Future sessions will automatically connect you to the LinkNYC Private network.

While LinkNYC is in beta, the Private network key is only available for download on certain devices. Learn more about LinkNYC’s beta phase.

Check out our video on How to Connect:

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