LinkRev: Read and write comments to any website on the Internet

Imagine that you get notified by other people when you come across a false ad or a website of unreliable seller. What if you could gain super powers and be able to leave comments on websites independently from site owners?

LinkRev is a portal and a set of plugins for Chrome, Firefox and Opera that equips you with these super powers.


When I dreamt of building a tool that could improve our lives a few months ago, I didn’t expect that I’ll get motivated in such a striking circumstances.

It was a sunny morning in the summer of the year 2017. I came down for breakfast and eating a freshly baked, crispy piece of bread continued to browse ads of used cars. It’s been a long time since I started to save money for a vehicle of my dreams. That morning I finally found a car that caught my attention. I hired a professional company for checking it and after a positive recommendation, I decided to bring it home.

Literally three days later I had an appointment at dealership service to perform a standard replacement of liquids. Just imagine my reaction when I was told that the car was assembled out of two and had been seriously damaged a few months earlier.


Luckily I called the previous owner immediately and managed to return the lemon. I explained to him why I was doing it and even presented a few pictures of the crashed car to him. I got shocked once again when I saw the ad of this ‘perfect’ and ‘accident-free’ car on the Internet a few hours later.


That was it. Enough is enough! “How I could let other people visiting this online ad know the true story of this car?”, I asked myself.

LinkRev — Powerful and Free Solution

LinkRev is a solution that consists of a web portal and plugins to Chrome, Firefox and Opera browsers. Technically speaking it serves as a layer of abstraction over the Internet. Did I already mention it’s free of charge?

1. Read and write comments to any website

The core purpose of LinkRev is reading and writing comments. You’ll see a badge with a number of comments in the top right corner when you come across websites already commented by other people. You can always read these comments and write yours by clicking the ‘L’ icon:

LinkRev comments on Medium

2. Rate and sort comments

Rate comments and display them sorted by their value or created date.

3. Participate in hot discussions and talk about trendy topics

You’ll get notified when people start to actively discuss some places on the Internet. Keep an eye on hot and trendy affairs.

Notifications about sites actively discussed by other people

Our Values

Security, freedom and quality — these are the core values we stand for. LinkRev is a powerful tool. It has a power to protect you from bad purchases. It will let you leave comments to articles and blog post regardless of their administrators and moderators. You can do it even if portals don’t offer functionality to add comments. LinkRev is independent from them.

With great power comes great responsibility.”

It’s why quality of your comments is very important to us. Please stick to our terms and conditions. Our bots are going to deal with comments that break the rules with a vengeance.

Many people share those values and help build a community around LinkRev. It was born 35 days ago. In a moment of writing this article LinkRev had over a thousand of happy users. Google Chrome Store alone reports 797 users and a 5-star rating. There are already thousands of comments published by people from all over the world. Be part of this successful family and join LinkRev now!

5-star rating and 797 active users after 35 days according to Google Chrome Store

Go and Get It!

Chrome Plugin:

Firefox Plugin:

Opera Plugin:


All users who use different browsers can always access the portal. Paste the link into and discuss it there:

You can always talk to us at We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

Dawid Dworak and Marcin Zalewski — LinkRev creators