Our Home in Kendall Square

Link Ventures
Nov 19 · 2 min read
Some of the KSA Board members before a boat ride on the Charles.

Drop into Cambridge’s Kendall Square any time and you’ll see the unique culture at work. More than 30 industry sectors make this area home, chief among them technology. Since it’s also home to Link Ventures, Cogo Labs, and the companies that we are growing, we are quite involved in Kendall Square’s growth and the activities of the Kendall Square Association.

Our own John Werner, Managing Director at Link and CNO of Cogo Labs, represents both at KSA Board meetings. The Board has set ambitious goals, which John is helping to achieve. They are working to develop Kendall Square’s brand as a global innovation center in general and a place where ideas can flourish in particular. The KSA community offers opportunities for members to connect with residents, businesses and stakeholders.

As Kendall Square grows, it’s facing infrastructure challenges as well as the task of meeting the board’s own goals for diversity, equity and inclusion. By far the biggest agenda item for KSA right now is the need for an upgraded and expanded transportation system. Attracting top-quality talent to the area means eliminating the specter of hours spent sitting in traffic. John and the Board are working with the Massachusetts government to build a system that will support the growth needed for Kendall Square to flourish far into the future.

Kendall Square plays a large role in Link’s culture. The proximity to lends a particular drive and energy, but it’s about so much more than MIT. Great things are happening in Kendall Square, and we’re proud of our contribution to that — and the great work that John and the board are doing.

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