How to Create the VueConf Load Animation (While Learning About Vue.js and SVGs in the Process)
Michael Mangialardi

Fantastic break down. I just downloaded the free InkScape program the other day when I decided to create SVG’s for social media icons. I used Adobe Illustrator to create and export the graphics in SVG format and even added a onclick function with script editor and generated a javaScript file for opening the social media pages for each graphic.

I ended up spending around a day and a half to learn how to do it, but it was worth it. Of course I did not add any animation to the graphics, that is why this article was a good read. I needed to know more about the binding and animation processes.

I currently am creating a new website with Bootstrap and LESS, possibly SASS and it has a few animations on it already. But I have been thinking about taking it a step further in some areas so this was a insightful article for connecting the SVG’s. I created an icon set from 256 to 32 and put it on a HTML5 page. Might have the social icons grow from small to large or flip as the part of the page reaches the area the social icons are located on.

This was great, than you…

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