Meeting People Doing Startup Always Makes My Day

To be honest, I feel quite alone if I am just having classes for a whole day. I always want to go out and meet different people. It feels like charging myself with batteries.

Usually if I talk with my peers, the conversations usually ended up with “Please don’t give up your startup project. I would love to see it become reality.”

Then they could tell themselves and everyone around them: “See, there is someone I know actually making her dream come true. .” They really need this “fact” to be more confident.

Maybe they are too sober, they gave in to reality and they stop being dreamers.

That’s why meeting startup founders make me feel so nice. They are aware of how they are going to spend their lives, why they want to make social impact and how excited they are about their “babies”.

Somehow, whenever I meet those people, I feel being companied. I have more courage to go further.

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