Visionary Insights into Press Release Submission Service

The Press Release Submission Service is in vogue since a long time when there was no internet facility. The businesspersons used to post their written statements or articles in periodicals, newspapers and magazines to promote their businesses. It becomes evident through this, that undertaking promotional activities via press releases is considered to the most effective tool to expand your business operations. In today’s modern era, internet has globalized the world and so does the aspirations of firms to grow in the overseas market. Thus, to boost their website’s visibility and ranking, firms outsource press release submission services to gain utmost benefit from the SEO experts of the service provider.

The Strength of an Optimized Press Release

In the modern digitalized world, “SEO is regarded as the key element to reach wider target segment”. Writing and submitting a press release with optimized keywords is like a boon to the business firms. Such a press release offers a good ranking to the websites on various search engines, including Google. An optimized press release facilitates online marketing goals of a firm via high visibility, quality backlinks and online content. All of these contribute to escalate a websites’ rank. According to a survey, the result that appear at the top of Google search, get almost 36.4% of the clicks.

Press Release: What’s Better Optimization or Without Optimization?

Without optimization
• Too much keyword phrase variation
• Keyword does not appear in the headline
• No hyperlink on the keyword

With optimization
• Keyword at the beginning of headline
• Hyperlinked keyword
• Competitive keywords distributed

The above description, clarifies the difference between the two from an SEO point of view. This shows that an optimized press release submission leads to escalating websites’ ranking and business growth.

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Submitting a Press Release

The submission process of a press release requires two steps. Explore them below:-

1. Finding Places for Press Release Submission

• Send your press release to local media outlets, such as Magazine, Radio stations, periodicals etc
• Target various media outlets in geographic zones where you wish to expand your business
• Submit your press release to noted bloggers and industry leaders
• Associate with a distribution service, i.e. hire PR distribution/submission agencies.

2. The Submission Process

• Go through your press release and proof-read it to avoid errors
• Research about each outlet’s submission guidelines
• Determine the time of your press release. Choose a time, such as 9:07 a.m. instead of 9:00 a.m. This will protect your press release from getting lost in the business hour of release submission
• Submit your press release as per the specific guidelines
• Add videos and photos to your submission for increased readership
• Follow up and ask if the recipient had received the release or not

Tips With Regard To Press Release Submission

• Include your name, e-mail address, phone number and website URL at the bottom of your press release
• Incorporate appropriate search terms into the first 250 words of the press release
• Follow the standard format of press release carefully
• Add a newsroom section, in order to attract new customers to the website

Hiring an Agency for Press Release Submission Service

If you are hiring an agency for the submission of your press release, then don’t forget to consider the following points:-

• An online wire service provides 200+ backlinks per release
• Enquire about the type of reach the service provider has in social media
• The title should not be exceed 70 characters in length
• Make sure that the video attachment contains primary keyword phrase in the title.
• Make sure the press release is published in the news section or blog section of the high PR websites

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Press Release Submission: A Vital SEO Tool

From the above description, it is evident that Press Release Submission plays an important role in enhancing and upgrading the online visibility of a business. Press releases have proven to be a white-hat approach for building inbound links for SEO tasks. Further, submitting a press release ensures the success of high octane inbound marketing campaigns. Thus, the advent of internet resulted in delivering an effective source of incoming links to your website. Online press releases have a limitless life period, so they continue to work for your business growth.

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