7 Tricks to Improve LinkedIn Profile

Nowadays, social media is being used by people not just to get in touch with their loved ones and friends all over the world but they are also using it to promote themselves to find better work. One such site that falls under this category is LinkedIn. LinkedIn is basically an online resume where you post your background, work history, your skills and so on. When you create LinkedIn profile, your mind should be set on building an impressive one because this will make you stand out among the crowd. Yes, you have filled out the forms with basic information but how can you set yourself apart from other profiles?

7 Ways to Create LinkedIn Profile Better

Creating and writing a LinkedIn profile should be carefully thought out if you want to get the best outcome. Regardless of whether this is your first time to build a profile or if you want to update your existing one, here are 7 ways to make your profile look better.

  • Write an impressive headline. Your headline will be your brand so utilize the 120 characters available and write a compelling story using important keywords that are related to your skills. This is basically the short version of your branding information so make it count.
  • Direct your viewers with a call-to-action. Never assume that your readers will know what to do after viewing your profile. If you want to share more information about yourself, your products, or the services that you are offering, make sure that you include a call to action that will direct them where you want them to go such as official website, blog, or have them connect with you through LinkedIn.
  • Share valuable updates. The best time to give updates in LinkedIn is during the hours of 11 in the morning and 3 in the afternoon. Only one update will suffice just so you can share relevant information about your niche. This will help build you up as an authority in this field.
  • Take advantage of your professional gallery. Like it was mentioned before, LinkedIn is like a resume where you can talk about your work. The professional gallery is where you can upload presentations, audio visual recordings, links and the like.
  • Update your profile photo. Just like when you are creating a resume, you need to use a professional photo of you in your LinkedIn profile. An expert recommends that you go for a black and white photo to make yours stand out in the sea of colored profiles.
  • Get recommendations. Although LinkedIn focuses on endorsements most of the time, pursuing people who can provide you with a well-written recommendation is also a smart move because this will give others insight on how you work and your area of expertise because of the detailed explanation.
  • Manage your skills and expertise. Your LinkedIn profile should contain recent or relevant skills and expertise section. Go over your existing profile and remove any skills or expertise that is not in line with your current work.

Need to Create a LinkedIn Profile Fast?

Using LinkedIn as a tool to promote your area of expertise is always a good idea as companies are now using this platform to look for potential employees to invite to their business. It is your responsibility to come up with a compelling profile that will entice your visitors to send you a message or recommend you to someone that is why you need to consider the tips mentioned above on how to create your profile.


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