What The DNC Brings Besides Excitement
Dominique Matti

So I agree with you, mostly. That whole lighting the joint thing, the whole white hippies singing kumbyah, the whole fact that quite a few Bernie supporters are misguided liberals -which at least seems to be changing rapidly down here — is off putting, and I have white skin. You did a great job highlighting your perspective on the city and even though I feel like you didn’t do a good job writing about what was actually going on in this piece, and if that wasnt your intention I understand. You did very much to highlight your thoughts and feelings in a way that resonates!

The BLM chapter here seemed like they had a badass March and it ended EXTREMELY strongly. There were still the hippies and Berners celebrating (who knows what I have no idea) their loss? Idk. Anyways. It’s very obvious that Yeah Jill Stein is going to do the election part but the real struggle is in the streets fighting with BLM and the anarchists at the front lines. Alright, end rant.