We didn’t get fair media coverage and people have a right to know what went down at the Democratic National Convention. Part I

We’re all still trying to piece together the events of the week, but we know there was some viscous & shady things done to Sanders delegates & protesters outside- from intimidation, to controlling of schedules to prevent planning, and many other forms of control on the outside.

“On the outside, it felt like what I imagine a war zone is like. Looking back at videos I’m reminded of movies like District 9, World War Z, Hunger games.” - Anonymous

I have no words to describe what it felt like to be a citizen of this country trying to voice my concerns to my leaders and being surrounded by an army of law enforcement (some in riot gear), multiple chain fences, closed roads, & multiple police helicopters around the clock. It felt repressive and as though we were only allowed to protest how they wanted, how they’ve allowed.

If you are sitting at home, you need to be aware of the things going down in the streets of America, because CNN surely won’t tell you. They’ve picked their side in this war on Americans by our leaders, and it’s on the side of the elites who will do anything to keep in power, as we’ve seen by the election fraud that the Sanders campaign experienced. This is all well documented, so you can doubt what I’m saying - but I plead with you to look into what’s really going down in America and find out for yourself, instead of what you’re told.

Drop all illusions everyone — these people, the Trumps and Clintons of the world, as we know, are very good liars. They are wonderful propagandists — from how history is told, to how they mask their dirty dealings in the present day. We must stand up with each other and fight against them. Diversify our tactics. Get people in Congress. Marches. Direct action, occupations, shutdowns. Everything except violence is on the table.

I’d like to put a note on what violence is; real physical violence, such as dropping bombs, not cutting locks, jumping fences, or rushing barricades — those are not violence no matter how many people claim it is.

These are actions taken under the first amendment to redress our grievances with our government and we know the real violence comes from dropping bombs on black and brown people in the middle east.

We’re fighting against how our own people have been treated like a commodity. It is time for this to end. We cannot let power get away from us, when we’re so close to graphing it.

We must abolish the Empire before it kills the human species. Stand with us, the younger generation who isn’t apathetic, who doesn’t want to allow neo-liberal colonialist policies to continue being the way business is done. Who doesn’t want our world destroyed by human produced greenhouse gasses, because we know it will change the world rapidly, and in the current political climate we won’t be able to handle the disasters to come.