Making Search Smarter

Between 1995 & 2015, the web has grown exponentially. Meanwhile, search engines have honed & evolved their algorithms towards providing better search results and delivering them quicker.

But the problem has always been two-fold. One aspect has always been to present quality results despite the omnipresent white noise on the web. The other, often overlooked aspect is what people do with those results — helping people find an answer, craft their stories (reports, decks) easily.

Linkwok’s fundamental idea is to better equip (re) searchers with a unified app that removes the need to continually switch between apps & tabs as well as copy-paste links & text. It also lets people come back to their work months later and immediately start where they left off. The app guides you through collecting information, organizing & collating it, personalizing it and finally helps you to get to multiple possible outcomes (a Word file, a collection of links, a PowerPoint file etc.), all while collaborating with your team.

90% of searches & research on the web are repeated. There’s been no way to leverage that. Linkwok is also designed to let users leverage repeated searches by recommending what other (anonymized) users found relevant and enabling users to exchange information and research via a community marketplace.“

Designed to answer the question, ‘what happens after I search?’ while allowing users to share & collaborate with teams, Linkwok has no intention of building search engines, just filling the void between search and conclusion.

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