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Apple to revolutionise global personal health and medicare 

Yesterdays Apple event did not pass unnoticed. With small emphasis on the new iOS7 — it simply just swooshed by.Apple however made big emphasis on the new chipset. So trying to see the bigger picture I’ll lay down a thesis. let’s begin. 

Apple made big emphasis on the new 64-bit, A7 chip and also something that a lot of people seemed to miss out on, the new M7 motion coprocessor. Apple said it would monitor the sensors, gyroscope, accelerometer, compass and GPS. Adding to that Apple introduce the CoreMotion API in their SDK. So Apple got a new super fast chipset, and one coprocessor that lets the main chip be hibernation mode while the M7 tracks your every move.

Sensor frenzy

Based on new hires by Apple it seems that Apple’s interest in sensors focuses on the ability to measure glucose and other body level information. These sensors could also pick up more data to give a user a snapshot of their health.

To assist with the development of these sensors, Apple has hired several scientists and executives from multiple sensor developers. Some notable firms who lost employees to Apple are AccuVein, C8 MediSensors, and Senseonics.

No “one more thing”

Yesterdays event did not give us anything we did not know, and I guess that’s why the stock ended up down -2.28%. Some of us are waiting for Apple to get in the market of wearables, I’m not fond of the iWatch concepts, I’m more into a wearable thats light, unobtrusive and very Apple like in design and manufacturing standards. Right now I’m using the super light and durable Misfit Shine, and it’s like nothing else. Industrial design as if it came from Apple and it’s a Silicon Valley startup.

My thesis

Based on the new M7 processor that’s super small, super energy efficient, sensor data only, combined with the hires in the medical and sensor industry. My thoughts go to the fact that Apple is looking to revolutionise where it’s least suspected, our health. Not just by making an activity tracker, that we already have.

By making a device, so invisible and out of the way, that they claim it will give you more spins on this planet. A personal doctor that’s always with you and that can connect directly to the backbone of any hospital on the other end.

You see, now all the talks are about, hardware, specs, screen resolutions, android this, iOS that. Pixels, Retina, flat or fonts. Apple is the only company in the world with enough cash to make whatever they want. I think Apple is removing them self from the arena and will take their products and brand to a new market, just because they need to revolutionise something, it’s in the Apple DNA.

SCANADU — The closest thing to a Tricorder that we’ve seen so far.

Why health & medicare

Apple is a mobile company, at least it was before Steve Jobs died. Now it’s a “Made in California” company. I just passed my first why, Steve Jobs, he died, to early, he was not done yet. And if his final testament said anything about Apple’s heading, I guess a health tracker just like the Star Trek Tricorder is something Steve would go all in on.

Secondly, the phone market is getting crowded, remember Apple did not have anything in the Phone industry pre -Phone. Nothing is forever. Based on Apple history, new hires and down period after Steve Jobs death, I strongly see a light in the end of the tunnel. Apple can still make an awesome Phone while revolutionising yet another industry. It worked fine with the computers while simply destroying a company like Nokia.

Misfit Shine — small and unobtrusive.

Third, the technology is finally there to be mainstream, I mentioned the Shine earlier, it’s a activity tracker like no other, its like a dime in size, and runs off a clock battery ( yes you can get rechargeable ones ) for 3 months. It got 12 led lights and connects to my iPhone with low energy / close range Bluetooth. So half of the device is the battery, just a couple of weeks ago Broadcom CEO Scott McGregor demoed a sensor the size of a jacket button, that runs on a clock battery for over a year, has wifi direct and he says the price range is already below 2 digits in USD and will only get cheaper.

There is money to be made.

If they make such a device. A device that lets you do a lot of fancy footwork, opening doors, biometric locks to your devices, computers and logins on the web and so on. Plus the benefits of giving you a good chance at a couple of more years on this planet.

Health, Privacy and security have never been harder debate than now, and nothing is as secure as 1-2-3 layers of biometrics ( could be fingerprints, heart rate frequency and vocal scan ). Everyone wants to live longer, and we’re in charge of what we do and what we eat, we simply need a push in the back by someone ( or something ). With biometric locks, brute force hacking would be a thing of the past, If this device existed I would get a bunch of them.

The future looks interesting

This is just my thesis of where Apple is heading, it’s not leaving the other businesses, they just shift course to revolutionise another. They already have the Desktops, Laptops, Tablets and Phones. Scaling down further in the technology chain it just make sense that they get on board the sensor, tracking, wearables. And the best market for that would be human health and wellness.

Eventually everything connects - people, ideas, objects. The quality of the connections is the key to quality per se. — Charles Eames

I’m not native in english writing, that’s why there are lots of spelling mistakes, I’ll do my best to correct, please let me know the wrong doings.

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