Ketchup sandwiches and other things stupid poor people eat
Anastasia Basil

It’s always okay to hate the other guy when the hate is justified — like generalizing all conservatives over what one asshole does.

That’s one of the ongoing games in politics — dull hypocrisy that still trades on hate. For awhile now the bread and butter for Democrats hasn’t been fixing issues, its been winning elections and protecting the status quo rather than improving anything by demonizing anyone who may identify as conservative. Boogeyman stories like this pop up all over the place and the sly maneuver is to slip from an isolated case of a conservative acting badly to “they’re all like that, don’t trust em — hate em”.

No effort whatsoever to try and understand conservatives in the slightest. We get think pieces like this from so many other perspectives to rightfully humanize various groups, but when its conservatives in the broad sense its time to dehumanize.

It’s lazy, its hypocritical and it furthers the divide and political anger in the nation. When everywhere you turn someone wants to narrow you down to racist or sexist or whatever -ist because you think one conservative thought or because you hold a certain perceived status in life. And God forbid you every push back on the demonization by the way. You’re a middle class white guy, you have all the power in the world — we should be able to say whatever the eff we want about you broadly and if you question it then its further evidence of your evil evil ism and privilege.

It’s a con that’s not helping anyone but, what, rich elitist Democrat politicians. Good job guys!