The Systems of a Human Life

We first create and shape our houses, then they do the same with us.

Originating from architecture, the above quote applies to most of our life contents. Constructivistly spoken, we can say that a human being’s life consists of a multitude of differentiated systems, all of which are more or less intertwined. We create mental models of the world around us and thereby an inner reflection that becomes our ‘map of the world’. 
Some of the systems might be :
- Relation ships with others (family, intimate, friends, co-workers etc.),
- Places you regularly visit and spend time at (home, work, clubs etc.),
- Activities (hobbies, professions, dedications etc.),
- Your body (concerning health, fitness, energy levels),
- Belief systems, mental patterns.

There can be bunches of others but with this list I just wanted to give you an idea of what this is about.

So what now?


By knowing your systems and their connections and their impacts on your life, you can take charge of your life quality because you can deliberately chose which systems to improve and to maintain and which to let go of.

Take some time to take stock of your systems. Which ones provide you with energy, maybe even rev you up infinitely? And which are detrimental, depleting your batteries and leaving you rather burnt out? Since you are a creature of habit, you tend to stick with systems although they do not longer serve you and you are naturally reluctant to aggrandize that which can make your life better.

So I invite you to take a step back and to look at your life. What do you love? What does worry you? What do you want to increase? And what you want to get rid of although you never admitted it to yourself? What unfinished businesses have been lingering in your consciousness for so long up to no avail? And what is that thing that lets you beam with energy and aliveness but that you never allowed space time because you just were too busy?

Dare to make a move.

Any change, even a change for the better, is always accompanied by drawbacks and discomforts. — Arnold Bennett.

Any life situation that you created or adapted well enough to and spent sufficient time in is hard to escape. It is like a warm bath. It is comfortable and you do not want to get out but you know that it eventually macerates your skin.

So take a tiny step. Bad diet? Buy some greens and try a new receipt. Bad finances? Save just a couple of bucks this months. Do it immediately after pay check is received. That is called ‘pay yourself first’. Bad relation ships? Meet some new people. Put yourself into new social situations. Experience that there are great individuals who can do you good. Don’t like your home? Move into a new apartment. Or at least make your old one a tiny bit better.

By allowing and creating new aspects into our life, you open up the doors for inspiration and new experiences to flow in.

Now go ahead. Chose your systems. Create your life.