Using the Value of Craftsmanship in Marketing

Businesses that sell hand-crafted products will tell you that marketing them requires a whole different approach than marketing mass produced products. Fine craftsmanship is something that can be a huge selling point but it requires a lot of effort.

If you need some tips on how to market hand-crafted products, these four tips will get you on the right track:

Price your Product Appropriately

When it comes to marketing craftsmanship, pricing helps set the tone for your products. A higher price tag indicates quality and also speaks to the hand-made nature of the products. Typically premium pricing also accompanies products that are ethically made and/or have a charitable element to them as well, which resonates well with many consumers.

Educate your Audience

The most critical step in your marketing strategy is education. Teach your audience about the difference between your products and your competitors’ products. (Depending on the nature of your business you may not have any true competitors, so setting you’re your products apart from product alternatives will be just as important in this scenario.)

People won’t be willing to pay a higher price for your products if they don’t understand what they’re getting for the increase so you need to educate them on the processes that are typical in your industry and show that at each step, you do it better than anyone else.

Tell your Story

If you’re in the business of hand-crafted products, you didn’t choose that road because it was easy to do — you chose it because it meant something to you. Use that passion to fuel your business.

Don’t just tell your audience about your products, tell them about your business — your journey to get where you are, your process as you make the products, and how much success means to you. Fill your About Us section with this, put it on your homepage, use it on your blog, spread it across social media and infuse it into all of your offline communications as well.

Build a Buzz

Get people rallied behind your products by building a community that shares your passion. Demonstrate that your products make the world a better place and/or enrich people’s lives. Build this buzz to help your community grow and create zealous followers and supporters.

Kate Pierce is the owner of LionShark Digital Marketing LLC, a West Michigan internet marketing company.

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