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Hi John,

you should have taken that energy and channeled it into something positive.

If you want expert knowledge people have to be able to make a living- that means charging people. Are you working for free? Let us know how you pay your bills. That should be open source.

If you pay 1.000 for a PDC — so what? You can get that money back in no time, by harvesting your own food, instead of buying produce at the supermarket.

Permaculture is opensource. Now. Why does all knowledge have to be in one place, one book, in a way that you like to read it, in order to be open source? Google will turn up so many people that you can connect to and that will give you advice for free. But it is up to the interessted people to start engaging others.

Go to youtube an search for permaculture. You will find hours of useful material.

Different climate zones and local factors make it hard to standardize knowledge. I think forums with actual people are more useful. Crowd-Knowledge. For free. Exists right now!

Your statement: “I’m not trolling or trying to be antagonistic, I just agree that beneficial knowledge should be free, and that doesn’t preclude any of our ability to pay our bills.” makes sense. But that is not how the world is run. Have you heard about patents? Most common agriculture is dependent on patented hybrid seeds, fertilizer and pesticides. Permaculture is the opposite of that. I have never taken a pdc, but the internet made it possible for me to know that much. So please stop complaining and start acting.

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