Will he ever call me?

As the night gets later I found myself needing to loosen up a little since it was the night before my birthday. So what did I do? I went drinking with my friend. Scratch that I went to get DRUNK and my friend just drove me.

It’s 1am and I am already buzzin it. Not too hard but I was in no shape to drive. Somehow I always want a good fuck when Im out. But what makes it hard is that I just don’t want just anyyy guy to fuck. I want Charlie. Of course. But him and I have never been the greatest fuck buddies (lack of communication?maybe). It took me a few minutes to have the courage to text him but I eventually did. Minutes later, he replies. It’s a GO! My hormones start going crazy! I have been wanting to see him for 2 weeks now and I finally get to fuck him while I’m loosened up! I finally get my friend to take me to his place and had to wait for him to get home. Somehow I realize his window is open. So what do I do? My drunk ass jumped in and went to make myself comfortable in his room.

This story sounds like it was a successful fuck doesn’t it?

but it wasn’t…..

When he got home we went right at it. The moment couldn’t have been hotter. Our two drunk selves were hungry for each other and we were going to rock that bed.

Fast forward to 4am…. I wake up to him throwing a towel at me. What am I doing? Oh just taking a pist on his floor. Yes, you read that correctly. I have never been more embarrassed in my life! Thank god for Uber! In minutes I was out of there, without ever looking at his face I ran off.

A couple hours I woke up in my bed confused of what had happened the night before. I remember getting it on with him but don’t know how we finished, if we even got very far, did I fall asleep while fucking?Did he? Why was I so drunk? I only had 3 drinks! All I knew that he upset when we woke up (why would’nt he be?) and I had sent him a text saying how he was an asshole especially considering it was my birthday which he didnt know about.

So this sucks ass! I wanted to move our relationship to a deeper level but I ruined it. Now my head is just filled with all sorts of question which most end with will he ever call me?

In the meantime, I think we would all agree it’s best if I don’t drink for a while.

*I’d love for any advice/opinions so comment below* :)