Three Lesser-Known Health Benefits from Walking Regularly

Based in New York City, Lionel Fuhrman established his career in fashion, where he oversaw the development of sportswear and dresses for women and children at Wishful Thinking and Artemis. In his leisure time, Lionel Fuhrman likes to be outdoors and go for walks.

Many of the benefits of walking seem self-evident, such as weight loss, but there are a few that some people might not be aware of. The following list details just three of these health advantages.

1. Reduces heart disease risk

Because walking provides a cardiovascular workout, especially when done at a brisk pace, individuals who observe a regular routine can lower their risk of heart disease by roughly 40 percent. In addition, walking can help prevent a second heart attack if an individual has experienced one before beginning a regimen.

2. Improves joint protection

Research has shown that by walking approximately one mile each day, people can nearly eliminate their chances of developing arthritis in their knees and hips. The motion involved in taking step after step has a lubricating effect on the joints, which can decrease pain and increase joint health.

3. Boosts the immune system

One study revealed that walking for 20 minutes every day can nearly cut in half the number of sick days one takes in a year. The same research found that individuals who walked 20 minutes a day and still required sick time typically returned to the office more quickly than those who did not follow a walking routine.

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