Farewell Sublime. Welcome Visual Studio Code.

It’s been an amazing 5 years with Sublime and it was worth every dollar and time that I spent with it. From the moment I figured out how the multiple selections thing works, I didn’t look back and I wouldn’t even try anything else that didn’t support this feature. Plus the speed and the fact that everything is a text file, were are all impressive features and innovations.

But (there is always a but), the updates were coming very rarely, the open source exploded and Sublime was left behind. I spent with Atom a fair amount of time, but it never convinced me to switch and Sublime was (and still is) better, faster and more pleasant to work with.

All that until I gave Visual Studio Code another try this week! All these people that are talking about it are totally right. VS Code is just awesome. Everything worked out of the box as they were suppose to. I don’t even know which features I like the most, but the built in integration with Git, the debug tools and how the whole thing just works with all the extensions is simply amazing.

Well done Microsoft, and of course kudos to GitHub for the amazing Electron.

P.S. Yes I also tried WebStorm as the whole web team at Wire (except me) is using it and all I have to say to them: try Visual Studio Code :)

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