Difference of 0.01

Amongst the rightful accolades being heaped upon Hawaii’s wonder boy John Florence at the moment you have to spare a minute for Frederico Morais who actually drew with JJF in the final of the Hawaii Pro.

Frederico is everything I like watching in a surfer. Big, strong and smooth — he’s a proven commodity at CT level and right now, with one event to go he’s there, he’s qualified, sitting pretty in the golden land of the surf gods.

But he’s only just there right now. He’s on the cusp, the first man in the firing line

All his dreams could just as easily be ripped away from him at Sunset this week. Never an easy wave to control, a nervy situation only gets magnified and intensified by the wild open ocean of Sunset.

Bittersweet wave? Pic: WSL

And this could have all been avoided but for a 0.01. Turns the tables on JJF, takes out Hawaii Pro, takes the 10,000 sweet sweet points, takes an extra 2,000 on his total….moves up two places and suddenly Bino Lopes and Ryan Callinan are staring down the gun instead of Freddy. He’s couldn’t have starting marketing his 2017 jersey just yet but he’d be a hell of a lot closer.

I often wonder if any of the judges stand under the shower at the end of the day, washing off the stress and fatigue and wonder….”did we get that right”…..was it worth the extra 0.01? Should Freddy be facing the gun? Or are they desensitized to the fact a man’s career, hell a man’s life may have altered course on the whim of one score, one opinion…..one 0.01

If you like this you can listen to all far more educated opinions than mine here: https://itunes.apple.com/au/podcast/lipped-fantasy-surfing-podcast/id1091147568?mt=2

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